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Information regarding Ohio’s State Tests


The Ohio Department of Education wants to provide some important information regarding Ohio’s State Tests and the online administration and scoring system. 

Studies continue to support the many advantages that this system will provide for districts and students, including:

  • Increased accessibility and accommodations for all students;
  • Multiple innovative item types;
  • Consistency of scoring tests using technology; and
  • Returning of test results more quickly to districts.

The Department is committed to improving the scoring process to leverage these advantages. Starting in 2015, the Department began using machine scoring for several item types and has increasingly used this functionality. Ohio expanded to a fully online administration and scoring system for all grades and content areas beginning in spring 2018, which includes the essay portions of the English language arts tests. The Department will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this system by reviewing it with Ohio’s Technical Advisory Committee of national testing experts.   

By making this full transition this spring, the test results will be available one to three weeks earlier than originally scheduled. All online tests will be reported to districts on June 4, 2018. The results for paper tests for grade 3 reading will be available on June 15 and for all other tests by June 26, per legislative requirements. We also anticipate being able to shorten the reporting timelines in future administrations.

The Department will continue to measure the learning standards across all five performance levels and all levels of depths of knowledge/cognitive demands using machine-scored (technology-enhanced) item types only. In addition, students will continue to have writing prompts in English language arts assessments, which will be machine scored.

The following are a few examples of machine-scored item types that will be used across all content areas:

  • Equation
  • Matching
  • Multi-Select
  • Grid
  • Simulation
  • Table
  • Evidence-based Student Response
  • Essay – (English language arts writing prompt) 

Tutorials for the above item types and more are available on the Ohio’s State Tests Portal Practice Resources webpage. New machine-scored items types are being explored. When available, examples of new item types will be posted on the test portal, and communication will be sent to alert the field. Students will benefit from having ample opportunity to learn and practice these new item types prior to the items being field tested.

Further guidance will be forthcoming. We appreciate all the work you are doing for Ohio’s students.