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English Language Arts and Math

End-of-year practice tests for Grades 3-8 math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Grades 3-11 performance-based ELA are available. Practice tests for science and social studies are also available. These are important resources to help students, teachers and test administrators become familiar with the field test, the item types and the technology.

Gain familiarity with the computer-based tools and features that will appear on the PARCC assessments by selecting the Tutorial Tab.

Try out sample test questions on the technology platform that students will use when taking the field test by selecting the Sample Items Tab.

For more information on PARCC, please visit our Math and English Language Arts PARCC pages.

Science and Social Studies

How to use the student testing site.

Frequently Asked Questions about the science and social studies field tests. 

Ohio science and social studies field tests Accessibility Accommodations

Field test Training Test

Field test Training Test Answer Keys

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