For Test Administrators

test_admin_logo.pngEnglish Language Arts and Math

For general information, administration guidance and frequently asked questions on the PARCC field test, go to the PARCC Field Test Website.

To register students for testing and order testing materials, go to the PARCC Administrative Portal (PearsonAccess).

To access training modules on technical setup and test administration, go to the PARCC Training Management System.

For PARCC Field Test Technology Guidelines, go to the PARCC Field Test Technology Website.

The Pearson Portal includes test administrators manuals (one for computer-based testing and one for paper-based testing).

Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual

The System Check Tool allows you to determine if an individual computer meets the minimum standards for the field test. Run it on an individual devices.

Science and Social Studies

Field Test Portal

Directions for Administration Manual - The Directions for Administration Manual provides information to Test Administrators on how to prepare for and proctor the Ohio Online Spring 2014 Science and Social Studies Field Tests.

Test Administrator User Guide - This user guide provides information on how to use the Test Administrator Interface and Test Administrator Training Site to proctor online field tests and training tests. This also includes information on the rules of online testing, the Student Testing Site, how to take an online assessment and using the secure browser.

Test Administrator Interface Tutorial Video - This tutorial provides information on using the Test Administrator Interface to proctor the online field tests, including the steps to create a test session, approve students to test and monitor student testing progress.

Spring 2014 TIDE User Guide - This user guide provides information on how to manage users, upload pre-ID files, manage student test eligibility and test settings and other tasks in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE).

Frequently Asked Questions About the Science and Social Studies Field Tests - This document contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Ohio Online Spring 2014 Science and Social Studies Field Tests. It includes information on general topics, student participation, technology, scheduling, preparation and administration.

Test Administrator Training Site

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