Ohio’s Educator Leader Cadre Team

To assist states in their efforts to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC assessments, PARCC has provided an opportunity for every PARCC state to develop a cadre of K-16 educator leaders.

Through face-to-face meetings and virtual convening, the cadre of educator leaders will:

  • Share best practices regarding implementation and use of PARCC materials;

  • Engage in reviewing PARCC developed–and PARCC state-developed–instructional materials; and

  • Become active leaders in state and local implementation efforts.

Ohio’s cadre of educator leaders will work collaboratively with ODE to provide support to the field as they transition and implement the common core state standards. The educator leaders are comprised of teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, coordinators, higher education faculty, regional representatives, and parent/community representatives with:

  • Early childhood, Elementary, middle level, and high school experience;
  • English language arts and mathematics expertise;
  • Secondary experience in other disciplines (e.g., science, social studies);
  • Experience and expertise with students with disabilities;
  • Experience and expertise with English language learners;
  • Experience and expertise with students identified as gifted;
  • Experience and expertise at the higher education level;
  • Administrative experience;
  • Regional support experience; and
  • Parent and community experience.

Ohio Educator Leader Cadre Members

  • Steve Kucinski, CE Region
  • Kristie Barker, CE Region
  • Neil Gupta, CE Region
  • Colleen Ruggieri,  CE Region
  • Bill Wise, CE Region
  • Joyce Malainy,  CE Region
  • Denise Brown, NW Region
  • Nancy Sattler, NW Region
  • Debra Gallagher, NW Region
  • Carole Katz, NE Region
  • Char Shryock, NE Region
  • Ken Bernacki, NE Region
  • Tracy Yarchi, SW Region
  • Ann Drake, SW Region
  • Catherine Schulte, SW Region
  • Sylvia St. Cyr,  SW Region
  • Elaine Barkan, SE Region
  • Cindy Miller, SE Region
  • Tricia Ebner,  SE Region

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