Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project (OPAPP)

OPAPP is a Race to the Top (RttT) funded program which is piloting performance-based assessments in Ohio as well as defining the nature and implementation of the tasks to be used as statewide test instruments. OPAPP participants include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Career-Technical Pathways teachers in grades 3 through 12. For more information about OPAPP, click here.

Video Newsletter

OPAPP Video Newsletters outline what OPAPP is doing and how participants are engaged in the pilot.

Learning Task Examples

Now you can see some examples of Learning Tasks into a demo account on iLearn Ohio. (User name: dteacher, password: opapp2014) Click on the "classroom" tab to see OPAPP materials.) Once there, click on the word opapp and you will see the student tasks and teacher guides for several learning tasks for high school and elementary school.


Last Modified: 9/17/2014 3:35:03 PM