Technology Readiness Tool (TRT)

The new assessments will be online so student scores are immediately calculated to drive quick-responsive instructional modifications. Ohio’s first step in preparation for delivering a computer-based assessment system is to determine school districts’ technological capacity. ODE encourages all school districts in Ohio that administer statewide assessments to participate in the Technology Readiness Tool (TRT).  Knowing what district-level technology infrastructure looks like across the state will aid ODE in preparing for the launch of the new assessment system in 2014-2015.

Although information can be added or updated any time through summer 2014, there are five points in time where Ohio will check the progress and readiness for new tests in 2015.  These “snapshots” are important to plan and build a strong infrastructure, it’s critical that all schools and districts participate in the TRT. This is a collaborative, ongoing process and ODE will continue to work with you to make sure you are represented in the TRT data. 

  • TRT Completion Status Report (Updated 6/26/14)
  • Technology Guidelines - Technology guidelines that have been released provide information needed for planning classroom instruction next school year and to prepare for computer-based state tests in 2014-2015. Provides minimum and recommended technology specifications. Guidance includes computer hardware, input devices, security requirements, bandwidth and “rule of thumb” suggestions regarding the number of devices schools need to administer tests.

Webinar - Introduction & Intermediate Guidance for the TRT (Jan. 23):

The TRT and recent changes, including technology guidelines. Click here to view a video recording of the webinar..

For more information about the TRT, visit

If you have questions about the TRT or your TRT account, please contact ODE's Ohio State Resource Coordinator (SRC) Team, which manages the Technology Readiness Tool process.

Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) Documents

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