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OGT Newsletter

Spring 2013 Alternate Assessment Second Raters


The State of Ohio requires that approximately 10 percent of students in the statewide Alternate Assessment-tested population have another trained test administrator, referred to as the second rater, observe the administration and independently score the studenfs responses in all tested content areas. Each district should expect to have at least one student per grade band who requires a second rater. If a student is selected to receive a second rating, every content area that the student is administered must have a second rater. Districts are required to review the list of students who have been selected for a second rating, identify qualified personnel to serve as second raters and create user accounts for them, and ensure that all second ratings are conducted and that the corresponding scores are entered in the Data Entry Interface.

Second rater assignments for the Spring 2013 Alternate Assessment administration are available in TIDE for the AASCD (oh.tide.airast.org). To view a list of students requiring a second rater, log into TIDE, navigate to the "View/Edit Students" tab under "Student Information," and search all schools and grades. Students assigned a second rater will have "Yes" in the Second Rater column. Note that districts are responsible for verifying whether any students who are pre-identified on February 11 or later were selected for a second rating.

Frequently asked questions about second raters and more information about how to access second rater assignments in TIDE can be found in the Second Rater Fact Sheet and Guidance document on the Test Coordinator's Resources page of the Alternate Assessment portal (oh.portal.airast.org).