OGT Newsletter

OGT Newsletter

Spring 2013 Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD)


The Spring 2013 AASCD will be administered February 25- March 29. There will be no modification of or extension to the AASCD administration window. All scores must be submitted in the Data Entry Interface (DEl) by March 29.

When the test window opens on February 25, DTCs should begin actively monitoring the submission of student's tests using the Test Management Center section of the Online Reporting System. To generate a participation report, under the Test Management Center, select the "Plan and Manage Testing" option, choose the parameters for the report and click [Generate Report]. Test coordinators will search by the "Reported" status to determine which tests have been successfully submitted during the administration window and will be induded in district reporting data on June 15. Detailed instructions are available in the Online Reporting System User Guide, available on the Test Coordinator's Resource page of the Portal.

DTCs will have the opportunity to register new students in TIDE for AASCD through March 29, and confirm participation and order additional materials through March 27.

For assistance with Ohio's Alternate Assessment systems, please consult the user manuals located on the portal (oh.portal.airast.org), and contact the Ohio Help Desk with additional questions at 1-877-231-7809 (press 2) or OHHelpDesk@air.org. For general questions regarding AASCD, contact Andrew Hinkle, Office for Exceptional Children, at (614) 644-7304 or andrew.hinkle@education.ohio.gov.