OGT Newsletter

OGT Newsletter

Community Schools and Change of Address


The Office of Curriculum and Assessment has received notices of address changes from community schools but is unable to assist in the process. All changes of address for community schools must be submitted to the Office of Community Schools (OCS). Prior to a community school attempting to change an address in OEDS the following documents must be submitted to the Office of Community Schools (OCS):

  • Copy of a signed and dated school Governing Authority Resolution or Board Minutes verifying the change of location with the new address.
  •  Updated School SOES Profile sent to School Finance.
  •  Sponsor Assurances for the new facility.
  •  W-9 with new address.
  •  Vendor Information Form—This document must be signed by the treasurer or authorized fiscal  agent.
  •  Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit (EFT).

Only after the above documents have been submitted to and approved by OCS may a school initiate a change of address in OEDS. Please contact Mary Cotton, Office of Community Schools at 614-995-1129 or at mary.cotton@education.ohio.gov if you need additional information.