Online Assessment Pilot (OAP)

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is committed to making a transition to the next generation of assessments for the 2014–2015 school year. In May 2013, ODE will offer an opportunity for schools and districts to participate in an Online Assessment Pilot (OAP). The purpose of the OAP is to provide educators, administrators and students with an opportunity to experience online assessments. Even though the pilot will use grade 4 social studies content, the primary focus of the pilot is to increase awareness, understanding and use of online assessments. The OAP will not contribute to the district’s accountability system. While the students will receive a raw score when they have completed the assessment, the scores will not be reported to the teachers in a centralized reporting system.

Participation in the pilot will be limited to schools that have participated in the Spring 2013 Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) administration and grade 4 students who have a Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) number.  The OAP will be available May 6 – 31. There is no need to call the ODE to register or sign up for the OAP.

Information related to the implementation of the OAP will be collected and used by ODE to inform the development of Ohio’s next generation of assessments.

A dedicated newsletter located on this page will be the primary tool for communicating news and information to schools and districts regarding this exciting opportunity and monthly versions.

OAP Portal

The OAP Portal, which is now available at this link (, has information including an overview of procedures, technology requirements, schedules, documents, links, and software.

These documents are now available on the OAP Portal:

  • Student Tutorials
  • Test Coordinator Information
  • FAQ
  • User Roles
  • Test Administrator Troubleshooting Information
  • Technical Specifications for Online Testing
  • Minimum Technical Requirements
  • Test Administrator Survey – to be completed after the pilot
  • Online TIDE System User Guide
  • Test Administrator Information
  • Test Administrator User Guide
  • Test Administrator Practice Site
  • Test Administrator Interface
  • Secure Browsers

OAP Monthly Newsletter will be distributed to the district test coordinator.


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