State Test Updates
for 2015-2016

State Test Updates
for 2015-2016

State Test Updates for 2015-2016

State Test Updates for 2015-2016
Please visit the State Tests 2015-2016 Overview webpage for information on:
  • Changes to state test (math and English language arts)
  • Test dates
  • Safe Harbor on test results
  • How the new tests are developed
  • Preparation and practice tests

As part of the state’s 2016-2017 budget, the General Assembly directed the Ohio Department of Education to transition to new tests for the 2015-2016 school year in mathematics and English language arts. Per the new law, Ohio will no longer use PARCC tests in mathematics and English language arts.


Article to help parents address student test anxiety

Some students, no matter how well they are doing in school, experience a measure of stress when they hear the word “test.” As state tests begin this week, we encourage districts to share this article about preventing test anxiety with their parents and teachers. The article appears in the department’s Test Talk newsletter, which parents may subscribe to here under the heading Bulletins.

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Only Class of 2018 is Eligible for Physical Science End-of-Course Test

Those students who enrolled in high school on or after July 1, 2014, and prior to July 1, 2015, are the only students eligible to take the physical science end-of-course exam.

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Note important reminders as Spring 2016 Ohio’s State Tests begin today

Today is the beginning of the statewide testing window for spring administration of Ohio’s State Tests. As your district prepares to administer state tests on its selected dates, test coordinators and test administrators will benefit from reviewing an important email message that American Institutes for Research is sending them today. The department is reprinting the message inside. 

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Comparability of Paper and Online Testing Frequently Asked Questions

  • What did Ohio do to examine the validity and reliability of tests in 2014-2015?
  • What is a Technical Advisory Committee or TAC?
  • What is Ohio doing moving forward with AIR in 2015-2016?
  • Is the paper test easier than the online test?
  • What does value-added measure?
  • What does it mean if districts dropped from and A to an F in value-added?
  • The state test results are old and not that useful – why should we spend time and money on these tests?
  • What do the standards say about technology?

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Online Testing Checklist and test administrator resources available

To prepare for the upcoming spring 2016 Ohio’s State Tests administration, please review the Spring 2016 Online Testing Checklist and the Test Administrator Checklist. 

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Fall 2015 test results ready Feb. 24; record resolution available now

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, results for the fall 2015 high school tests – as well as late batch results for the fall grade 3 English language arts test – will be available in the Online Reporting System. Also, districts may begin resolving discrepant records for the fall high school tests in TIDE now. 

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Two spring manuals; related PowerPoints now available

Test coordinators and test administrators will want to carefully review two updated resources for spring 2016 state testing — the Test Coordinator’s Manual and Directions for Administration Manual. The Test Administration Web page at provides descriptions and links to these and other resources — such as guidance documents, practice resources and tutorials — posted on the Ohio’s State Tests Portal

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