Test Talk for Parents – Understanding Ohio’s State Tests

Beginning this school year, Ohio schools will no longer give PARCC tests in math and English language arts. Another company will create Ohio’s math and English language arts tests with input from Ohio teachers. This company has produced Ohio’s science and social studies tests for the last decade.

Still, PARCC test results for last school year can tell us something important. These are the first tests that truly matched Ohio’s current learning standards, which increase the call for our students to learn critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills and apply them to what they study in the classroom. Students will need these higher-level skills to succeed in today’s colleges and workplaces.

Because Ohio’s statewide tests had never tested these learning standards before PARCC, your child’s scores may be lower than before. This does not mean that the performance of your child and school has declined. Instead, Ohio’s Learning Standards have raised expectations of what students should gain in each grade to be truly college and career ready.

Ohio’s new tests for the current school year will continue to test these areas, but this no cause for alarm. Your student’s critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills should improve as these concepts continue to be taught in the classroom.

Ohio’s State Tests will continue to give us important information about student progress that can continually improve the way we teach and test our students. Schools will receive results for the current year’s state tests by June 30, 2016.

For more details see the PowerPoint presentation Ohio’s State Tests: Information for Students and Families.

Last Modified: 12/9/2015 3:03:05 PM