Grade 6 - Released Tests Materials

This page contains information from Ohio's required (OAA) in reading and mathematics for grade six.

Since 2012, OAA test materials have not been released per House Bill 153. Enacted on July 2011, HB 153 prohibits release of any version of the Ohio Achievement Assessments after the 2011 administration. The item analysis has also not been released.

Ohio Achievement Assessments are copyrighted by the Ohio Department of Education and include other textual materials copyrighted by other entities. These materials are used only with the permission of the original publisher and/or author. Although test questions found in the below PDFs are no longer being used, they are provided here to assist teachers and students in preparing for taking future Ohio Achievement Assessments.

Grade 6 Reading

Grade 6 Mathematics

Grade 6 Answer Documents (All Subject Areas)

Additional resources for the Ohio's Statewide Assessments, including online practice tests.

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