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Past Updates: August 8, 2014

September 2, 2014 - Last Wednesday the State Board of Education’s Graduation Requirements Committee moved closer to finalizing the implementation of Ohio’s new graduation requirements. The committee agreed on a recommended timeline for phasing out Ohio Graduation Tests for second-year freshmen.

The Board will vote on this and three other Committee recommendations in September.

Ohio Graduation Tests phase-out

Students will be allowed to continue retaking the exams through 2022, to get a passing score. Also, adults that return to a school district for a diploma of adult education can continue to use the Ohio Graduation Tests until 2022.

List of approved industry credentials that count toward graduation

The criteria the Ohio Department of Education will use for approving industry credentials will be whether they are in demand, industry-specific, and responsive to industry needs. Credentials to be considered “in demand” are those for industries and positions that have a high number of job openings annually, are projected to grow, and pertain to the nine JobsOhio industry groupings. The department will incorporate industry standards into the list. For example, if an industry typically requires a group of credentials rather than a single credential for employment, the department will use that standard in the list of credentials counting toward graduation.

The department may add credentials not in demand if community stakeholders demonstrate local or regional job opportunities that require them.

The credentials list will be flexible. The department will review the list before publishing it each summer, both to remove credentials that are no longer in demand and to add credentials that have emerged as “in-demand” nationally or locally.

The committee also crafted a rule for what happens if the department removes a credential from the list. If the credential appeared on the State Board’s approved list when a student began his or her junior year, that credential will continue to count toward the student’s graduation. New credentials added after the pupil’s junior year also will be available to the student.

The State Board’s Accountability Committee also will consider the criteria for approved industry credentials before the full board votes on them in September. Industry credentials also affect a school or district’s report card.

Testing exemption for foreign exchange students

The state will exempt a foreign exchange student from the high school social studies end-of-course test requirements, specifically American history and American government, if the pupil will not be staying in the United States.

College admission exam scores

The state of Ohio will pay for all 11th-grade students in the class of 2018 and beyond to take a college admissions exam. The district must accept the highest verified score on a student’s college admissions test for a pupil who chooses this pathway to graduation and takes the test multiple times at his or her own expense. The State Board will approve a college admissions exam in spring 2015. The goal will be to have juniors take the exam in the 2015-2016 school year, however it will definitely be in place for students by the 2016-2017 school year.

For more information about Ohio’s new graduation requirements click here.
Though these are only recommendations, each recommendation had significant support. We will let you know when the State Board approves the recommendations and, if there are any changes, point those out to you.

The Graduation Requirement Committee will meet one last time on Sept. 9 to finalize the implementation issues and review a draft of rules before the September State Board meeting. We will keep you posted on results of that meeting.

August 22, 2014 - What’s next?

Although House Bill 487 established clear-cut requirements for high school graduation, we still have to work out some of the details for implementing them. Here are tasks the Ohio Department of Education still must complete and when we expect to finish them.

  1. Finalize a graduation and end-of-course exam point system
    The State Board of Education must finalize the point system after getting public input.

At its most recent meeting, the State Board’s graduation requirements committee recommended 18 total points as the minimum for graduation eligibility. In September, the State Board will consider the committee’s recommendations and seek public input.

  1. Integrate “substitute” exams into the point system
    The law says that students taking physical science, American history or American government through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or college dual credit programs may apply points from these exams toward graduation in place of the state’s end-of-course exams. The State Board will determine how this will work. To accurately calibrate these more rigorous exams to the state end-of-course exams, we will need some time to compare their rigor to our new state tests.
  1. Select job skills and college admission tests and their passing scores
    This will be completed over the next year.
  1. Determine how these new graduation requirements will apply to students in dropout prevention and recovery programs.
    The Ohio Department of Education will be working with stakeholders on this with the hopes of completing the task this winter.

The department will notify you via EdConnection as we finalize the items of business that still remain. Click here for a tool outlining Ohio’s new high school diploma requirements that is suitable for sharing with students and families.

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