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Know! Social anxiety increases substance abuse risk

ThinkstockPhotos-dajdaa-0188.jpgMany adults are known to drink alcohol at social functions to “loosen up” and feel more comfortable interacting with others. Well, guess what? Many of our teens are doing the exact same thing. It is often referred to as “liquid courage” because, after a few drinks, a person may no longer feel afraid to get out there and dance, to ask out a love interest or to simply chat with their peers.


EMIS Newsflash – November 9, 2018

FY18 Career Tech Accountability Assessment (A) Collection, v3
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EMIS Newsflash – November 6, 2018

FY19 Five Year Forecast (P) – Initial Optional, v1


Know! The Effect of Peer Presence

ThinkstockPhotos-682207688-1.jpgWe all know the heavy influence peer pressure can have on a tween/teen, especially when it comes to risk-taking behaviors like drinking, smoking and using other drugs. But are you aware of the impact the mere presence of peers can have on an adolescent’s decision-making, without any coercing or encouragement at all?


EMIS Newsflash – November 2, 2018

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