Strengthening Educational Leader Supports

Quality leadership is essential to the success of any organization. As the Ohio Department of Education works together with education stakeholders to strengthen pre-kindergarten through grade 12 education, it is important to focus on strategies supporting principals’ continuous improvement and journeys to excellence.

The Department, in partnership with the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators and the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators, identified individuals throughout the state to participate in a community of practice, or workgroup of advisors. This workgroup examined what we can do in Ohio to support high-quality leadership practices aimed at addressing the needs of principals and all students they serve. 

Report of Ohio’s Principal Workgroup

The conclusions and recommendations of the workgroup appear in the following report: The principal workgroup identified five areas in which Ohio can map a route for improving principal effectiveness: education and preparation for serving in the principal role; recruitment and job seeking; assignment to appropriate settings; supportive experiences; and ongoing professional development and supports. 

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