High School Tech Internship pilot program accepting applications; learn more at open office hours


The High School Tech Internship pilot program is an opportunity for Ohio employers to receive reimbursement for establishing a recruitment pipeline by hosting high school interns in tech-related roles. The goal of the program is to provide businesses with the tech talent they need while also providing students with valuable work experience at an early age. The application period for the third round of the pilot program is open now.

The Departments of education and development, along with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, will be holding open office hours for the High School Tech Internship 3.0 program. These office hours are open to any educational entity interested in placing students in high school tech-related internships. There will be two sessions. Click the date and time below to join the meeting on Microsoft Teams:

Educational entities looking to participate in the program can apply now. Email High_School_Tech_Internship@Development.Ohio.gov to begin the application process. Businesses looking to host interns should notify their local educational entity, such as a school district, educational service center or business advisory council. A business cannot participate without partnering with an educational entity.

Interns in the program perform job duties similar to those of an entry-level employee in technology roles that focus on software development, data, cloud and IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and other technology-focused roles. To encourage employers to hire high school students in technology roles, participating businesses receive reimbursement for up to 100% of the intern wages. Businesses also are eligible to earn bonuses for each student that earns a credential.

Internships can start at any time once the educational entity has received notification of approval for funding, but no students can be placed after June 15. Internships must be completed by Oct. 1.

Contact high_school_tech_internship@development.ohio.gov with questions.