Deadline extension: Seeking panelist nominations for cost study on economically disadvantaged students by April 19


The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce has commissioned the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to perform a comprehensive study to better understand the programmatic needs of students who are economically disadvantaged and the corresponding cost of supporting these needs. This study was commissioned at the direction of the General Assembly in the recently enacted state operating budget. A key study component is to leverage the knowledge and experience of expert educational practitioners to develop school-level program designs that will provide economically disadvantaged students an opportunity to achieve state educational goals.

AIR will conduct meetings with professional judgment panels consisting of K-12 educational practitioners from across Ohio. During the meetings, the panels will draw upon their professional expertise to develop school program designs that will provide an opportunity for students who are economically disadvantaged to meet state educational standards. Participation requires that panelists attend five, two-hour virtual meetings and complete an activity in the week between each meeting. The virtual meetings will convene between April and June this year.

The Department seeks nominations for excellent candidates to serve on a panel. Each panel will consist of up to eight members, each representing one of the following roles:

  • Superintendents/chief academic officers
  • Principals and teachers at all grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • Economically disadvantaged student specialists (such as Title 1 directors, coordinators of services for economically disadvantaged students, etc.)
  • School business officials/chief financial officers

Specifically, there is great interest in receiving nominations for individuals who have been successful in promoting the educational outcomes of economically disadvantaged students.

There are two panelist nomination forms for self and/or someone else provided below.

The deadline to apply is Friday, April 19.

While participation on the panel is voluntary, it serves as an excellent opportunity for panelists to collaborate with other expert practitioners from around the state and engage in a research study that has real potential to impact Ohio state education policy and supports for economically disadvantaged students for years to come.

For more information, view a short study overview. Direct any questions to Dr. Jesse Levin, Principal Research Economist at AIR, at jlevin@air.org or (650) 376-6270.