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Update on Ohio Dyslexia Committee work


The Ohio Dyslexia Committee is responsible for developing many of the implementation guidelines for Ohio’s dyslexia support law. The committee began meeting in May and is developing the Ohio Dyslexia Guidebook. The guidebook will contain information and guidance about the required professional development programs and dyslexia screeners.

The Department and the committee have not yet approved any professional development programs or dyslexia screeners to fulfill the dyslexia support law’s requirements. At this time, no dyslexia assessment tools or specific professional development courses have been presented to the committee for consideration. When the Department finalizes the approved lists of professional development programs and dyslexia screeners, the Department immediately will notify district leaders and the Ohio education community. The Department also will post the approved lists on the Ohio dyslexia supports webpage.

For more information and updates about Ohio’s dyslexia support laws, please see the Ohio Dyslexia Committee's webpage. Contact with questions or refer to the dyslexia support law's Frequently Asked Questions page.