Educators can encourage eligible families to take advantage of the ACE Educational Savings Account to accelerate learning for students


The start of the 2022-2023 school year is a great time for educators to encourage eligible students and families to take advantage of the Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Accounts. The ACE Educational Savings Account program provides students ages 6-18 years old whose family income is at or below 300% of the federal poverty level with a $500 credit. Families can use the credit for a variety of enrichment activities to accelerate learning for students. Examples of eligible activities include tutoring, day camps, music lessons and field trips.

In spring 2022, families and caregivers began to take advantage of the funds to extend their students' learning beyond the classroom. Below are some of the things they are saying about their experiences with ACE-funded activities:

  • “My son learned teamwork, self-confidence and time management skills. Mentorship was also provided to help deter negative behaviors.”
  • “My daughter used art as a self-regulation activity, it clears her mind so she can learn and absorb new academic material better. She also learned how to use her unique style of art to portray feelings and culture.”
  • "My child is learning to expand his mental abilities, reaching beyond his limits by being encouraged to try harder and to keep going when things feel too challenging."
  • "This service has allowed my son to advance in reading and math while working on his social skills."
Educators can help more students have experiences like these by encouraging families and caregivers to apply on the Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account website.
Email questions to ace_savingsaccount@education.ohio.gov.