Data appeal for 2021 career-technical education concentrator data opens


From Monday, Jan. 4, through Friday, Jan. 22, superintendents of traditional districts, community schools and joint vocational school districts required to report career-technical education follow-up data in EMIS can review the students included in their 2021 March (D) lists. See instructions here to submit an appeal by the deadline if a list is incorrect due to misreporting of concentrator data in EMIS. Please use the form in OH|ID titled 2021 Data Appeal for CTE March Concentrators. Appeals must include student-level data using the 2021 Concentrators Appeal Student Data template. If incomplete or inaccurate data is provided, the appeal may not be accepted.
This is the only opportunity to update the students on the March (D) list. Districts can appeal placement and assessment data during the March (D) appeal process after March (D) closes. However, there will be no changes to the lists of students after the Jan. 22 deadline.
The superintendent, EMIS coordinator and superintendent designee have access to and can complete the appeal form. However, a form is not submitted to the Department officially until the superintendent completes the approval process. Contact the Office of Data Quality with questions regarding the data appeals process.