New Coordinators Academy


On the third Thursday of each month from 10-11 a.m., the Office of Federal Programs will host a New Coordinators Academy session. New coordinators will learn about activities they should attend to each month, how to create a system for compliance, key information on each fund and how to navigate federal programs systems such as CCIP, Compliance and the Nonpublic Data System. Session dates and topics may be updated as needed. Planned topics and dates include:

  • Jan. 21: One Needs Assessment - What is a Comprehensive Needs Assessment?
  • Feb.18: Who are Vulnerable Youth? - What is Required in ESEA
  • March 18: Nonpublic Equitable Services - Why Do We Need to Provide Equitable Services?
  • April 15: Inventory of Required Documents and Compliance
  • May 20: McKinney-Vento Act and Foster Children
  • June 17: Completing the Funding Applications
As registration opens for each event in the coming weeks, the Office of Federal programs will announce session registration on the CCIP Home Page. More information about each session will be found in the STARS event when registration opens. Once registration opens, it can be accessed through the OH|ID Portal. To find the session information, search any of the following fields:
  • Event Names: Federal Programs CCIP Trainings
  • Keywords: Federal ProgramsCCIPNew Coordinators AcademyConsolidated Funding Application
Each session in this series will include a presentation on the session topic followed by an opportunity for questions and answers. Registrants will have an opportunity to submit questions prior to the training.
These sessions will be held remotely in Microsoft Teams. A link to join each meeting will be shared in the STARS event. Participants can copy and paste the meeting link into a browser to begin the training session. The registration information includes an optional survey link to submit questions prior to the session.
Schools can contact their assigned Office of Federal Programs consultant with questions. Contact information for Office of Federal Programs consultants can be found in the CCIP address book, located in the OH|ID Portal. For additional assistance, please call the Office of Federal Programs at (614) 466-4161 or email