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New licensure option for professional educators with lapsed licenses


Educators with lapsed licenses now may take advantage of the new reinstatement license option. This one-year, nonrenewable license is available for educators who have not yet completed their renewal requirements and have associate or professional licenses that have lapsed for at least one year. Educators may apply for the reinstatement license at the request of their employing Ohio school districts. They will be properly certified in the reinstatement licensure area while completing requirements to renew their expired associate or professional license. Please note that educators may only request a reinstatement license for the same subjects and grade levels as their expired associate or professional licenses. Educators must work with their local professional development committees to complete renewal requirements for their lapsed licenses.

Please see the Department’s Reinstatement License webpage for additional information. The webpage includes the licensure checklist and requirements to renew lapsed associate or professional licenses.

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