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Suicide prevention and intervention resources added to the Student and Staff Well-Being Toolbox


As this unprecedented school year progresses, there are more questions and concerns about the mental health of students, staff and families. COVID-19 has caused increased stress for many Ohioans. Adults and children are facing notable challenges, including changes in daily routines, extended periods of isolation from family, friends and supports, and increased fears about safety for self and others. While faced with a multitude of challenges, there is hope. Schools have the opportunity to provide students a variety of protections.

To support schools with this effort, the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services added more resources and changed the name of the resource from Supporting the Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health of Staff and Students to Student and Staff Well-Being Toolbox. The Student and Staff Well-Being Toolbox is designed to explore the social, emotional and behavioral considerations districts and schools can reflect upon for the current school year. New suicide prevention and intervention resources have been added. The following topics are included in the toolbox:

  • Building and Sustaining Relationships;
  • Adult Self-Care During COVID-19 and Beyond ­(new resources added);
  • Building Resiliency through Social and Emotional Learning;
  • Supporting Behavior;
  • Trauma-Sensitive Practices;
  • Grief; and
  • Newly added: Suicide Awareness and Prevention