January update to Restart Readiness Assessments


Several updates to the Restart Readiness Assessment program are in effect as of Jan. 17.

First, the Restart Readiness Assessments have been renamed the Readiness Assessments. Additionally, the benchmark tests now include a separation page between Part 1 and Part 2. Finally, the Writing Checkpoints have the following updates:

  • All writing items now are machine-scored. Teachers no longer need to hand score any writing item to get the score for a Writing Checkpoint. Teachers may continue to review and, if necessary, change machine-generated writing item scores in the Centralized Reporting System.
  • One Writing Checkpoint per grade now uses the updated instructions and rubrics that took effect in spring 2022. For grades 3-8, this is the new Writing Checkpoint 3. For English Language Arts II, this is the new Writing Checkpoint 5.
  • To accommodate the above changes, test developers have retired one Writing Checkpoint per grade. For grades 3 to 7, Writing Checkpoint 2 is retired. For grade 8 and English Language Arts II, Writing Checkpoint 1 is retired.

The Department also updated training materials. Visit the Readiness Assessments portal to review the updated tutorials.

Direct questions to the Office of Assessment at statetests@education.ohio.gov.