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Apply to receive part of $26 million ARP Homeless II funds


Schools and districts should submit their American Rescue Plan (ARP) Homeless II applications in the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) by March 21. More information about the status of applications can be found in the comments section in the applicant’s history log in CCIP.

ARP Homeless Funds ensure students experiencing homelessness are supported at school and within their communities, allowing them to fully participate in school and educational activities. Ohio received more than $26 million to support the extraordinary and exceptional needs of students experiencing homelessness from the U.S. Department of Education. This is an unprecedented level of funding to support students experiencing homelessness.

Many schools and districts are using this grant to find creative solutions to the problems that unhoused students face. Schools and districts can make a significant impact on students and their communities using these funds.

More information about the ARP Homeless II grant and its allowable uses is available on the American Rescue Plan Homeless II website.

For questions, contact Susannah Wayland at ARPHomeless@education.ohio.gov.