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New public comment opportunities for changes to EMIS guidelines


Ohio law allows EMIS users to review and provide public comment on new or updated EMIS guidelines. The Department recently posted public comment opportunities for several EMIS guidelines. The deadline to comment on these is April 5:

  • 23-7 Removes assessment area code option PHYS
  • 23-9 Collect Inhaler information
  • 23-10 Collect diabetes information
  • 23-11 Collect epinephrine information
  • 23-13 Update table 5 in EMIS Manual Section 2.8
  • 23-14 WorkKeys administration change
  • 23-17 Remove CTE technical assessments
  • 23-18 Update withdrawal code 47
  • 23-20 Military enlistment program code
  • 23-24 New graduation requirement for financial literacy
  • 23-27 Add AP/IB assessment area codes
  • 23-28 Update to senior only subject code guidance
  • 23-31 Collect prior year enrollment type for seniors
  • 23-34 DD disability condition only for students 3-5 in PS
  • 23-35 PS students must be age 3 by Oct. 31
  • 23-39 Remove assessment area W for SAT
  • 23-41 FY23 industry credential changes
  • 23-46 Update descriptions for CTE program codes
  • 23-48 Gifted reporting for community schools
  • 23-49 Collect day for COS test date
  • 23-69 Update test dates table
  • 23-77 Additional guidance for reporting withdrawal reason 81
Complete details about the changes are available on the Fiscal Year 2023 EMIS Changes website. EMIS guidelines that are subject to change are posted on the Department’s website for 30 days for public comment and for an additional 30 days with the Department's response to comments. Finally, the public can review the changes for 30 more days before they are final. Send comments on proposed changes to EMISPublicComments@education.ohio.gov