All Ohio educational service centers receive high-performing designation


Each of Ohio’s 51 educational service centers (ESCs) applied for and received the High-Performing ESC designation from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. To achieve the High-Performing Educational Service Center (ESC) designation, an ESC must generate total cost savings of at least 5% across five core service areas for its client school districts as compared to the district providing the services themselves or from another third-party provider. The percentage of savings for Ohio’s ESCs far exceeds this 5% benchmark, averaging 40% savings in 2023.

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce evaluated each application based on the total percentage of cost savings the ESC generated for its client districts calculated based on the price charged to the client by the ESC for a primary service.

Ohio’s ESCs provide school districts with professional development, technology, support, planning and administrative services that help improve student learning, enhance the quality of instruction, expand access to resources and maximize operating/fiscal efficiencies. The Ohio ESC Association (OESCA) supports, educates and advocates for Ohio’s ESCs.