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State education governance transition


Changes are underway to Ohio’s education governance structure stemming from recent legislation. The state’s commitment to supporting school communities continues through the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce and the State Board of Education of Ohio. Experienced team members from both agencies will continue to provide the resources and supports essential to supporting Ohio’s education community.

Read more about each organization’s responsibilities and leadership below.

Ohio Department of Education and Workforce
The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce will expand its focus on student success by prioritizing workforce readiness while accelerating learning opportunities. This is a new cabinet agency with Jessica Voltolini currently serving as interim director. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will appoint a permanent director along with two deputy directors who will oversee the divisions of Primary and Secondary Education and Workforce Readiness.  
The Department of Education and Workforce’s responsibilities include setting minimum operating standards for schools, developing academic standards and model curricula, administering state assessments, publishing the state report cards, administering state scholarship programs, overseeing community schools, enforcing special education laws, and distributing state funding to districts and schools.

Visit the Department of Education and Workforce website at

State Board of Education of Ohio
The State Board of Education of Ohio continues as an independent state board. In accordance with the Ohio Constitution, the State Board will continue to appoint the superintendent of public instruction. The work of the State Board will focus on establishing the requirements and qualifications for educator licensure and monitoring professional conduct. The State Board also oversees teacher and school counselor evaluations, the Ohio Teacher of the Year recognition and the Educator Standards Board. Dr. Chris Woolard currently is serving as the interim superintendent of public instruction for the State Board of Education of Ohio.

State Board of Education team members have new email addresses with the configuration “FirstName.LastName@SBOE.Ohio.Gov.” Emails sent to their old email addresses automatically will forward to the new address. 

Visit the new State Board of Education’s website at