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Resources for the new Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid and Student Wellness and Success Fund


The Department released new Guidance to Support Student Wellness and Success and a revised Frequently Asked Questions document on the Supporting Student Wellness webpage to assist districts in planning and implementing services related to student wellness.

Recently passed state law (House Bill 110) combined the Student Wellness and Success Fund with the Economically Disadvantaged Student Fund to create the new Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid. Additionally, the law instituted a new school funding formula that incorporates Student Wellness and Success Funding and specifies a portion of it must be dedicated to Student Wellness and Success initiatives.

These funds provide schools and districts with resources to challenge, prepare and empower students. Aligned with Each Child, Our Future and Ohio’s Whole Child Framework, the funds assist eligible schools and districts, alongside community partners, to address the needs of the whole child by maintaining or implementing programs and services such as mental and physical health care services; prevention education programs; wraparound services; mentoring and after-school programs; programs geared toward homeless youth and those involved in the child welfare system; enhanced safety and security measures; and improved family and community resource and engagement services. 

To learn how schools and districts used or plan to use Student Wellness and Success or Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid funds, check out the 2019-2020 Student Wellness and Success Funds Report and the Ideas for Innovation webpage.

For questions, contact the Office of Whole Child Supports at