High-impact tutoring available to districts and schools with Tutor Ohio Kids


Led by the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio in partnership with educational service centers statewide, Tutor Ohio Kids offers high-impact tutoring for districts and schools on their own terms.

Recent changes in Ohio law require that high-dosage tutoring opportunities align with the student’s classroom instruction through either a state-approved vendor or locally approved opportunity that aligns with high-dosage tutoring best practices.

Districts and schools have authority over how to incorporate tutors in the school setting in cooperation with an educational service center. The tutoring programs may take place before, during or after school, as well as on breaks from school such as weekends, holidays or summer vacation. In addition, tutoring activities may take place online or in person, including on school premises, at community-based youth development organizations or in other public locations the district/school and educational service center determine appropriate. Participating districts and schools must provide necessary materials, space and equipment for tutors placed in the school. They also must use their own funds to pay for costs incurred from participating in the program.

Visit Tutor Ohio Kids to learn more about the program. Contact TutorOhioKids@escco.org with any questions.