RemotEDx Connectivity Champions

RemotEDx Connectivity Champions support remote internet connectivity


The Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Ohio Department of Education, Ohio’s Information Technology Centers and Management Council are pleased to announce Ohio’s Connectivity Champions, one of the three core supports of RemotEDx, are online and ready for action. Connectivity Champions provide additional support to Ohio’s K-12 students and families for remote learning. These champions will help schools and families implement the connectivity funded by a $50 million grant from BroadbandOhio that recently was distributed to more than 900 schools and districts in Ohio.
Connectivity Champions provide all Ohio school districts, community schools and nonpublic schools with additional support to get their students connected to the internet from home. They collaborate closely with Information Technology Centers to help support students and their families with household connectivity to enable remote learning. Students or parents who are struggling with their home internet connection can get help from the Connectivity Champions.
District administrators and parents can reach Ohio’s Connectivity Champions directly by webform at, by email or text at, and by phone at (844) K12-OHIO [(844) 512-6446].
Ohio’s Information Technology Centers work together through a statewide network known as the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN). The Management Council coordinates and supports the collaborative efforts of the OECN, which implements a broad spectrum of academic and administrative technologies across Ohio’s preK-12 education system.