School considerations for the total solar eclipse April 8, 2024


April 8, 2024, marks the first time since 1806 that Ohio will experience a total solar eclipse.

Below are potential safety issues to consider:

  • Unsafe or unsupervised viewing of the sun;
  • Increased safety concerns for walkers or teen drivers because of traffic and high volumes of out-of-town visitors;
  • Busing problems due to closed roads or increased traffic; and
  • General safety concerns due to people gathering in the area.

Districts and schools in the totality zone may want to consider hosting an eclipse event for families and the community to encourage a viewing experience that is educational and safe. Districts and schools in the surrounding areas of the totality zone, like Columbus and Cincinnati metro areas, may experience high traffic volume. Districts and schools may check with local emergency management personnel for recommendations for safety precautions and information on anticipated traffic pattern disruptions.

Lessons on the eclipse, frequently asked questions and general information can be found on the Ohio Department of Education’s 2024 Solar Eclipse webpage.

Please direct questions to Lydia Hunter.