Video series highlights strategies for working remotely with early elementary students


For a time, the COVID-19 pandemic required much of the education community to pivot from in-person learning to hybrid or remote learning to safely educate students.

The “Working Remotely with Early Elementary Learners” video series is for educators using virtual settings to work remotely with early elementary (K-3) learners. Presenters share strategies they use to incorporate technology content and skills while teaching these young learners remotely. See examples of how educators target the technology standards as early elementary students engage in projects involving communication and collaboration, design processes and problem-based learning.

This series will discuss:

  • Remote learning strategy; 
  • Ohio’s Learning Standards using remote learning;
  • Engaging students in remote learning;
  • Engaging parents and caregivers in remote learning;
  • Assessing standards in a remote-learning setting; and
  • Summary of remote learning kindergarten–grade 3.

"Working Remotely with Early Elementary Learners” is sponsored by the Broadcast Educational Media Commission, the Ohio Department of Education and PBS Western Reserve.