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Ohio Awards $14 Million in Grants to Accelerate K-12 Learning

Release date: 5/27/2022

Colleges and universities to provide mathematics and literacy tutoring programs for K-12 students.

The Ohio Department of Education, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, today awarded $14 million in Statewide Mathematics and Literacy Tutoring Grants to Ohio colleges and universities planning to create or expand mathematics and literacy tutoring programs for Ohio’s K-12 students in one-on-one or small-group settings.

These federally supported COVID-19 relief grants focus on providing direct services for Ohio students who experienced greater disruptions to learning and did not engage consistently in school during the pandemic. Research shows frequent and consistent tutoring results in increased achievement. Grantees were required to identify partnering schools or districts that have committed to working with them.

“These school and district partnerships with colleges and universities will positively impact students, complement classroom instruction and enrich the practices for future educators,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Stephen D. Dackin said. “Each additional learning opportunity we create for Ohio’s students leads to improved mathematics and literacy skill development, reinforced connections to core subjects and better coursework comprehension.”

Grants were awarded to two- and four-year public and private colleges and universities with teacher preparation and education programs. Participating college students may benefit from direct field experience, community service and additional incentives such as stipends and course credits.    

“Collaboration has been necessary to navigate the effects and impact of the pandemic,” Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner said. “By partnering with neighboring schools and districts, our colleges and universities are giving our future educators an opportunity to support and help K-12 students in a meaningful way.”           

Additional information about the grant is available on the Department’s website.