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Teacher at Ohio School for the Deaf Named 2021 Ohio Teacher of the Year

Release date: 9/3/2020

First time an Ohio School for the Deaf teacher receives the honor

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria today surprised Ohio School for the Deaf teacher Anthony Coy-Gonzalez by naming him the 2021 Ohio Teacher of the Year. Coy-Gonzalez teaches upper elementary students at the school located in Columbus. DeMaria made an unannounced appearance during a video conference staff meeting to share the unexpected news with Coy-Gonzalez and several of his colleagues.
 "I’m blown away by Anthony Coy-Gonzalez’s commitment to his students and their success,” said Superintendent DeMaria. “He models persistence, hard work, positive attitude and civic mindedness. He brings an energy and enthusiasm to the classroom that is infectious not only among his students but among his colleagues as well. He truly embodies the characteristics we see in so many amazing teachers across the state.”

Coy-Gonzalez is intentional about connecting his students to role models within the community. In fact, he recently initiated a schoolwide Kindness Campaign involving students, school staff and community members to bring all three groups together in celebration of this important character trait.

Coy-Gonzalez strives to provide students with real-world experiences that broaden their horizons and shape their future goals. One example of this commitment is his work to bring about the “Little Spartans, Big News” elementary school newspaper that introduces members of the student body to journalism.

Coy-Gonzalez not only supports his students, but his fellow colleagues and students’ families as well. He has served for five years as an executive board member for the State Council of Professional Educators. He also has served as an officer in the Parent Teacher Association since 2015.

In addition to community connectedness, Coy-Gonzalez works to instill a sense of humor and fun in his students. He delights in performing magic tricks and planning entertaining lessons. He even acted as the driving force behind planning the popular school carnival event.

Lou Maynus, superintendent of the Ohio School for the Deaf, praised Coy-Gonzalez's ability to connect with students facing daily challenges.

“Anthony brings every ounce of himself to his work,” said Maynus. “His students know he cares for them and that allows them to trust him even when he challenges them. He is the type of individual who inspires both his students and his colleagues to do their best every day.”

Coy-Gonzalez holds a Master of Arts in Deaf Education, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Education and Elementary Education, all from Flagler College.

The Ohio Teacher of the Year program began in 1964. Details about the selection process, the list of previous recipients and additional program information is available on the Ohio Department of Education website.