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Open Enrollment Task Force convenes

The Open Enrollment Task Force has begun its work of reviewing the participation and funding processes that guide Ohio's open enrollment programs.


School Finance Deadlines and Events, 2013-2014

A calendar detailing school-finance related deadlines and other significant events for the 2013-2014 school year can be accessed by clicking here.


ODE bus driver training provides realism to special needs evacuation drills

Each June for the past 35 years, the Ohio Department of Education has provided required advanced training for school bus drivers, transportation directors and other student transportation drivers. The training is a mix of classroom discussion and hands-on exercises covering driving, student safety on and off the bus, and emergency evacuation.


Expenditure Per Pupil Rankings

This news item details some of the many provisions of the 2010-13 Budget Bill, House Bill 153 of the 129th General Assembly.


T-Report and Funding Seminars

ODE, OASBO and OAPT are pleased to present the T-Report and Funding Seminars.

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