Emerging Issues and Operating Standards

This committee will focus attention on the education community’s and department’s response to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and on supporting ODE staff with short- and long-term policy and practice recommendations for post pandemic recovery.  It is expected that this committee will consider, discuss and, when appropriate, make recommendations to the Board about additional issues related to the future of education in Ohio, such as best practices for remote learning. This committee will also focus on policies and rules related to operating standards, community schools, school improvement, as well as provide an opportunity to hear from districts and educators about continuous improvement efforts, best practices and challenges.

Anticipated rules to be reviewed by the committee in coming 1-2 years:

  • Afterschool Child Enrichment Educational Savings Accounts (3301-107-01)
  • Educational Choice Scholarship Program
    • Termination of eligibility for the scholarship (3301-11-09)
    • Entities authorized to submit scholarship applications (3301-11-12)
    • Dispute Resolution (3301-11-14) 
    • ​Program Administration (3301-11-15)
  • Distribution of State Aid (3301-92)
  • Approval of Nonpublic Schools (3301-39)
  • Nonpublic Schools Administrative Cost Reimbursement (3301-40-03 through 07)
  • Autism Scholarship Program (3301-103)

2022 Meeting Information

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