Integrated Student Supports

Each Child, Our Future Strategies 7 and 8

This committee will focus on policy and rules related to supporting the whole child including supports for special student populations including students with disabilities, English learners, early childhood, and gifted students. The committee will also focus on social and emotional learning, positive behavioral intervention and supports, trauma informed care, behavioral health, and school-based health. 

Anticipated rules to be reviewed by the committee in coming 1-2 years:

  • Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities (3301-5101 through 3301-51-10)
  • Minimum standards for chartering county board of developmental disabilities special education schools (3301-53-01) 
  • Excess cost charges for county boards of developmental disabilities for special education programs (3301-53-03)
  • Minimum standards for chartering special education programs in developmental centers/hospitals of departments of developmental disabilities and mental health and addiction services (3301-55-01)
  • High quality general education in Ohio Department of Youth Services and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction schools (3301-30-01)
  • Eligibility for receiving state matching funds (3301-91-01)
  • Calculation of payment (3301-91-04)
  • Appeal for extension of time for compliance (3301-91-07)
  • Criteria for granting extension of time (3301-91-08)
  • Guidance for approving food to be sold in schools (3301-91-09)
  • Management of Communicable Disease in child day-care settings (3301-37-11)
  •  Management of Communicable Disease in school age child-care settings (3301-32-08)

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