Elementary (K-5) Activities

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In-Demand Jobs Week Activities: Grades K-5


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Read the book, Oh the Places You'll Go. 

  • Have students help you define career-related vocabulary words, such as accomplish, imagine, exciting, future and success. 
    • Read the book to the class, or have a class read aloud. 
    • Talk about the book as a group.
    • Review the vocabulary words to see how they apply in the book. 
    • Assign students a related writing or presentation project. Theme: What can I be when I grow up?

Visit the A-Z Career Lab

Students individually watch a career video and read the report about a career with a name that starts with the first letter of his or her name. Afterward, have students share their thoughts about what they watched and read with class partners.

  • Have students write and sound out words they do not know and can't pronounce. Have older students look up the meanings of the words they don't know. 

Have each student write a "letter to future self"

Have students build on the information they've gathered by brainstorming about careers they might want to pursue individually. After selecting the career of his or her choice, have each child write a letter to his or her future self stating that career choice and reasons the student chose that career.

Continue exploring careers

Continue exploring careers on INFOhio and OhioMeansJobs K-12.

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