High School (9-12) Activities

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In-Demand Jobs Week Activities: Grades 9-12

Exploring Medical Professions (Science)

The human body is a marvelous, complex machine. The body’s systems are composed of specific organs that work together to keep the body functioning. Some of these systems are the skeletal, muscle, nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and reproductive systems. Millions of moving parts keep our bodies in good condition. When anything does go wrong, we are fortunate that we can call on our professional medical workers to help correct problems and return us to good health. Have your students use this worksheet to think about each of these health professions, and be sure to list the body systems in which each professional specializes.

State Supported Internships

State Supported internships give students hands on experiential learning opportunities in growing professions with a sustainable living wage. Find internship opportunities for High School Students from various state agencies. 

Current State Supported Internships

Real-World Project Based Learning

Work with industry partners to create project-based learning scenarios rooted in real work experiences. For example, in an English classroom, have students respond to mock customer complaints to demonstrate their competency in email composition, or build more detailed case-based scenarios with actual partners in your area such as this. Work with your Career-Technical Planning District lead to connect students to its career-technical education program and industry-recognized credentials options in your area.

Conduct mock interviews

Conduct virtual mock interviews with business partners or other adult mentors for your students. Work with an area business advisory council or chamber of commerce to find business partners

Continue exploring careers

Continue exploring careers on INFOhio and OhioMeansJobs K-12.

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