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Before In-Demand Jobs Week

Exploring Medical Professions (Science)

The human body is a marvelous, complex machine. The body’s systems are composed of specific organs that work together to keep the body functioning. Some of these systems are the skeletal, muscle, nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and reproductive systems. Millions of moving parts keep our bodies in good condition. When anything does go wrong, we are fortunate that we can call on our professional medical workers to help correct problems and return us to good health. Have your students use this worksheet to think about each of these health professions, and be sure to list the body systems in which each professional specializes.

Portfolio Building

For this activity, students learn about the importance of a portfolio. Have students research what should be in a beginner’s portfolio and a more experienced person's professional portfolio. Students could contact different kinds of higher education providers and potential employers to ask what they expect to be included in a prospective student's or job seeker's portfolio. Be sure to have students find out if there are specific directions on how they should present portfolios.

Discussion questions to consider asking students include:

  • What is the purpose of a portfolio?
  • Why are issues such as formatting and order of works so important?
  • Why are essential portfolio components, such as resumes and cover letters so important?

Real-World Project Based Learning

Work with industry partners to create project-based learning scenarios rooted in real work experiences. For example, in an English classroom, have students respond to mock customer complaints to demonstrate their competency in email composition, or build more detailed case-based scenarios with actual partners in your area such as this.

During In-Demand Jobs Week

Host a virtual Career Fair!

Organize a virtual career fair with business partners. Encourage participants to identify hiring requirements. 

Recognize OhioMeansJobs-Ready Students

Formally recognize students who have earned the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal or an industry credential during In-Demand Jobs Week, and allow businesses to conduct virtual interviews with OhioMeansJobs-Ready students.

Organize a Service-Learning Project

Create a service-learning project for students to give back to the community and learn about careers in the service area. 

Work with your Career-Technical Planning District

Work with your Career-Technical Planning District lead to connect students to area options for career-technical education program and industry-recognized credentials (ninth and 10th grades only).

After In-Demand Jobs Week

Career Income Planning Activity

For this activity, ask students look at several career options using OhioMeansJobs or other tools and consider the price of the education they would need to prepare for each. Consider having students work in pairs. Have them use this worksheet to write down their findings.

SS HS Economics & Financial Literacy, Content Statement 2
SS HS Economics & Financial Literacy, Content Statement 13
SS HS Economics & Financial Literacy, Content Statement 14
SS HS Economics & Financial Literacy, Content Statement 20


Conduct mock interviews

Conduct virtual mock interviews with business partners or other adult mentors for your students. Build materials like these for student success.


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