Promising Practices

Making the Connection

C-TEC is helping students see the connection between the classroom and the high-tech global workplace. | Read More

"This class helped show me what I really want to do with my life and showed me how to get there." –Traci Jackson

Summer: check. Camp: check. Career Exploration: CHECK!

Southeastern Ohio middle school students enjoy a summer camp that gives them a greater connection to college- and career-readiness. | Read More

"Career Palooza was really fun and I got so much out of it. I learned about cars, cooking and health care. I had so much fun in all the classes."  Garrett Vandermolen, Jackson Middle School, Grade 7

Make it all About your Students - Because it is all About Them!

Nearly all freshmen in Marion City Schools are familiar with the OhioMeansJobs cardinal mascot, Owen. Are you? | Read More

"As we turn young minds towards career pathways, the earlier we can introduce tools like OhioMeansJobs K–12, the better," – Kirk Koennecke, building principal

A Unified Approach to Career Planning

Montgomery County Educational Service Center has one important goal: every school in the county participates in career advising initiatives. | Read More

“Our leaders realize the importance of changing the culture in the entire district, not just during senior year,”  - Shannon Cox, Executive Director of Instructional Services

Real World Learning 

You don’t have to figure out your life at age 13, but Ridgeview Junior High School helps you start exploring life after high school by age 13! | Read More

“We have a clear vision of what we want our students to become: clear communicators and collaborators, successful in the workplace and socially responsible while giving back to the community,”  - Susan Caudill, principal at Ridgeview.

Building Bridges to Careers

Washington County’s careers website connects students to the community and gives teachers tools they need | Read More

“Building Bridges to Careers is providing the link between what is happening in the classroom to the wide range of skills needed in local business,”  - Jeff Welch from Settlers Bank. 


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