A Unified Approach to Career Planning

Montgomery County Educational Service Center has one important goal: every school in the county participates in career advising initiatives.

If your family lives in Montgomery County, chances are your student is already talking about their future. That’s because all 16 public school superintendents agreed to support career advising initiatives and gather the same data, regardless of demographic diversity. These leaders understand the importance of having every school take action because they believe every student deserves the opportunity to prepare for life after high school.

“Our leaders realize the importance of changing the culture in the entire district, not just during senior year,” said Shannon Cox, Executive Director of Instructional Services. “They held hands because they value a district-wide cultural change to give students and their families what they need to make decisions about their futures.”

Changing the culture takes creativity. Some of the exciting activities in Montgomery County schools include:

  • Appointing a champion during college application month to provide students and families with college application materials and resources.
  • Appointing a FAFSA champion in high schools to make sure families have what they need, and to provide counselors with the right focus areas and to routinely track submission and completion.
  • Partnering with the local PBS station to broadcast college and career ready TV announcements and share the videos in schools and in the community with social media.
  • Getting students their Backpacks through OhioMeansJobs. The Backpack lets students save and store personalized career planning activities online.
  • Inviting high school seniors to career fairs.
  • Hosting a college and career signing day in every district to discuss life after graduation. During this day, seniors sign on to a plan for a career field, the military or college; younger students sit in their next grade for student assembly; and even kindergarten students begin discussing what they want to do after high school.
  • Celebrating with a GradNation Summit so that all voices have a chance to share their story (students, principals, teachers) and influence other students’ planning.

How does the creativity in preparing them for life after high school impact the students? Students are busy planning for life after high school. 

The Ohio Department of Education supports this type of learning. By linking day-to-day education in our classrooms with the jobs children will have after they graduate, Montgomery County is doing the right thing for students.

What’s your story?

Is your school getting creative with career advising efforts? Email us.

Last Modified: 4/22/2022 3:00:39 PM