Building Bridges to Careers

Washington County’s careers website connects students to the community and gives teachers tools they need

Three years ago, Marietta City Schools partnered with education, community and business leaders to develop the Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) program. The program’s purpose is to create a network that gives students in Washington County community-based opportunities that broaden their awareness of career options.

webscreenshot.jpgThe Building Bridges to Careers website:

  • Informs and engages local businesses, community members and organizations, teachers, principals and administrators
  • Highlights existing business and community partners and provides ways to establish new partnerships
  • Shares resources and information with teachers
  • Connects students to real world learning
  • Provides local businesses with direct links to future employees

For teachers

Teachers who use BB2C resources learn about the current employment and career options in the Washington County area. They also discover ways to use this information to enhance the curriculum they’re teaching.

“Building Bridges to Careers has allowed me to create fun and engaging experiences for my third grade students in which they can play pretend and take on the role of a local professional,” said Raina Garand, Washington Elementary teacher. “They solve real world problems with real world professionals. BB2C has provided me with the resources I need to make these real world connections.”

For business partners

Local businesses are helping define the 21st century skills necessary for employment and share their current employment needs. They also help identify and create opportunities for career exploration, job shadowing, career mentoring, internships and employment in order to increase students’ exposure to a variety of local career options.

“Building Bridges to Careers is providing the link between what is happening in the classroom to the wide range of skills needed in local business,” said Jeff Welch from Settlers Bank. “At our bank, we need employees that can read for content, understand math concepts, use technology and adapt to change.”

For students

A job shadowing program connects students from the county with local businesses. Once students job shadow, they have personal experience that introduces them to careers they had not even considered and helps make career decisions easier.

“It is great to know what you are getting into. If the job is not what you thought it would be, you have the time to adapt and overcome,” said Alex Gainer, BB2C ambassador and senior at Washington County Career Center.

Programs like this one where students get real experiences that motivate them to create their own life goals is exactly the kind of career advising and learning that the Ohio Department of Education is proud to see at work across our great state.

Your turn!

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