Technical and professional level careers in planning, managing, and performing marketing activities such as distribution, promotion, pricing, selling, financing, information management and product/service management to reach organizational objectives.
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Approved Industry Credentials Match to Business, Marketing, Finance Content Standards
Career-technical education allows students to experience education through work, about work and for work. Students learn more deeply by practicing and applying their knowledge through work and employment experiences – learning through work. They learn about workplace expectations in terms of professional or “soft” skills needed for employment, as well as learning about career pathways and what the labor market for particular occupations looks like – learning about work. And, they learn the job-specific skills they will need to perform day-to-day tasks – learning for work.  Industry credentials can be one more component of learning and documenting job-specific skills.  They are also one component of a pathway to graduation.
Schools get credit in the Prepared for Success measure on the report card for students who earn approved industry-recognized credentials or groups of credentials. Including industry credentials in this component places an emphasis on the career readiness of students.
In order to help schools and educators connect the requirements of approved industry-recognized credentials to Ohio’s Business, Marketing and Finance Career Field Content Standards, each credential approved for the three pathways has been matched to specific competencies in the standards.  Teachers can use this match to determine what courses to offer in their pathway, choose the best course in which to offer each credential, connect classroom learning to credential attainment, organize and sequence curriculum and prepare students for future careers. 

Match of Business, Marketing Finance Content Standards to Industry Credentials

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