Showcase hands-on skills and inspiring future opportunities for students at your school using #CareerTechOhio

The amount of skill on display and promise of future opportunities coming from students participating in Ohio’s career-technical education programs is simply amazing! Whether it’s preparing students for what’s to come in careers or college, these programs are developing students’ skills for a lifetime. It’s a story that deserves to be told over and over, and that’s why the Ohio Department of Education has launched the #CareerTechOhio campaign on Twitter and Instagram!

#CareerTechOhio offers educators, students, industry professionals, parents and everyone in between the opportunity to highlight the difference career-technical education programs make for Ohio’s future — all under one, unified hashtag. #CareerTechOhio brings Ohioans into the experience of these programs, allowing those in the classroom, in the field or in the workplace to capture inspiring moments and broadcast them across Ohio.

How does posting work?

Share a photo or video and tell us what’s happening using #CareerTechOhio on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to tag the school and district, as well as @OHEducation in your post. We will share the best with our statewide (and beyond) audience of followers.

We are excited to showcase Ohio’s awesome career-technical education programs, educators and students with the world!

As a reminder, please use social media appropriately by never using student names or student photos without parental consent.

Downloadable Resources

Want to spice up your outreach in the community and with students, parents, industry partners and more? Check out our #CareerTechOhio Outcomes and Insights Factsheet and #CareerTechOhio logos below! Feel free to use this branding at your upcoming meetings and in your videos, photos and social media posts. (Don’t forget to use #CareerTechOhio on Twitter and Instagram!)


Outcomes and Insights Factsheet

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Primary Logo (Light Background)​
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Primary Logo (Dark Background)​
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Two Color Logo (Light Background)​
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Two Color Logo (Dark Background)​
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