CBI Teacher-Education Programs

Information to obtain, apply for and secure a CBI endorsement can be found below.  Also, explore the unique opportunities for Career-Based Intervention instructors.  Click on the links below to access the information.

CBI Endorsement programs are offered through Kent State University and the University of Toledo.  Candidates must hold a professional teaching license, have two years of teaching experience and have one year of work experience outside of education.

Career-Technical Education Licensing Guide
The Career-Based Intervention Endorsement follows the CTE-36 and CTE-37 process.  This guide includes instructions for administrators, current teachers and teacher candidates.
Office of Educator Licensure
This Department of Education Office provides information for educator licensure, renewing, adding and transitioning of certificates, licenses or endorsement.
Ohio ACTE - CBI Division
This collaborative group of educators, a division of the Ohio Association for Career-Technical Education, is led by a governing board to promote best practices in CBI.  Its members have access to networking opportunities, professional development, student competitions and the support of regional CBI instructors. 


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