High School Tech Internship

The High School Tech Internship v3.0 pilot program is a competitive opportunity for Ohio employers to receive reimbursement for establishing a recruitment pipeline by hosting high school interns in tech-related roles. Educational entities will work closely with business partners to apply for this program beginning in January 2023.

The goal of the High School Tech Internship is to provide businesses with the tech talent they need while also providing students with valuable work experience at an early age. Interns will be expected to perform job duties similar to those expected of an entry-level employee in technology roles that focus on software development, data, cloud and IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and other in-demand technology-focused roles.

High School Tech Internship Intermediary Grant 

For Educational Entities and businesses in Dayton Development Coalition and REDI Cincinnati JobsOhio regions, Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) and INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati will serve as an Intermediary to facilitate the High School Tech Internship program. These organizations will serve as a resource for Educational Entities and businesses as they participate in the program. They will work with businesses and Educational Entities to recruit, interview, and place interns – and submit all the needed paperwork on behalf of both entities to apply for the program and to submit closeout paperwork for reimbursement. Additionally, once placed, Intermediaries will provide supportive services throughout the duration of the internship to resolve any issues that arise. The Intermediary will also facilitate the creation of work-based learning agreements between businesses and Educational Entities. Serving as the point of contact for businesses and Educational Entities will allow the Intermediary to provide both partners with any assistance that they may need throughout the entirety of the internship process.
Contact high_school_tech_internship@development.ohio.gov for more information.

Last Modified: 5/5/2023 12:43:30 PM