High School Tech Internship

The High School Tech Internship 2.0 pilot program is a competitive opportunity for Ohio employers to receive reimbursement for establishing a recruitment pipeline by hosting high school interns in tech-related roles. Educational Entities work closely with business partners to apply for this program. Find out more ways business-education partnerships benefit everyone involved here!

The goal of the High School Tech Internship is to provide businesses with the tech talent they need while also providing students with valuable work experience at an early age. Interns will be expected to perform job duties similar to what is expected of an entry-level employee in technology roles that focus on software development, data, cloud and IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

Learn more about the program and how to enroll

Watch this informational webinar recording for an overview of the program. 

Program Process:

Intent to Participate
  1. Educational Entities (Schools or Districts, Educational Service Centers, Career Centers, etc.) will submit their Intent to Participate in the program along with letters of support from partnering businesses (send letters to high_school_tech_internship@development.ohio.gov).
  2. A verification email of intent to participate will be sent back to the Educational Entity (this does not guarantee funding).
  3. Once the Educational Entity is verified, the forum and recruitment plans should be executed to secure internship opportunities with the business partners and select students that will participate. This should include an interview opportunity for potential students by business partners.
Application to the Program for Funding
  1. Once selections and placements have been secured, Educational Entities will submit the information about placements and duration of the internship using the High School Tech Internship 2.0 Funding Application for approval.
  2. Educational Entities that have submitted details about internships will be notified of their approval/denial. The approval from this step, along with a fully executed Grant Agreement between the Department of Development and the Educational Entity, secures funding for the internship and is on a first come first served basis.
  3. Educational Entities will notify businesses of submission approval/denial. Businesses then hire students into available internship roles and partners work together to develop the student’s Work-Based Learning Agreement. 
Receiving Funding
  1. At the completion of the internship, businesses will submit documentation to the Educational Entity regarding students’ time in the internship, verification of wages and other evaluation documentation requested by the Educational Entity – including any information required for Work-Based Learning Agreements.
  2. Once the Educational Entity receives complete documentation from the businesses, the Educational Entity will send all internship information to the Department of Development for review and reimbursement. October 1, 2022 is the deadline to submit.
  3. Educational Entities will be required to distribute proper payment (as designated by the Department of Development) to the participating businesses.
Additional Information
  • Internships can start at any time once Educational Entities have received notification of approval for funding, but no students can be placed after June 15th.
  • Businesses must submit reimbursement paperwork and exit interview notes to the Educational Entity by October 1st.
  • Opportunities for participating Educational Entities and business partners to network will be facilitated by the state periodically throughout the duration of the program. Tentative dates and times are:
    • Friday, September 16th @ 8am
    • Monday, July 18th @ 8am
    • Friday, June 10th @ 8am
    • Friday, April 15th @ 8am (Click to join)
  • Contact high_school_tech_internship@development.ohio.gov for more information.

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