Community Schools Forms

This page contains miscellaneous guidelines, forms, training courses and data tools to assist community school administrators with the performance of their daily duties and with finance-related reporting.

Financial Forms

Community schools are required to submit five year forecasts twice annually to the Ohio Department of Education according to O.A.C. 3301-92-04. The five-year forecast serves as a tool to assess the financial health of each community school.  The five-year forecast spreadsheet is now standardized for all community schools. Please follow this link for the guidance document and the five-year forecast template.

Special Education Reports Not Required to be Submitted to the Office of Community Schools

The Special Education Plan document is required to be developed and submitted to sponsors per ORC 3314.19 (B) and 3314.28 (A) for site-based and e-schools must continue to be completed by community schools and reviewed and approved by sponsors but are not required to be submitted to the Office of Community Schools.  Click here for  the Special  Education form.

Catastrophic Aid

Catastrophic Aid is a supplemental payment to districts, joint vocational schools, and community schools for special educational students in categories two through six.

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